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Locheil Really And Truely At Croxlea (Fern) 2 RCC's.

Fern now has 2 RCC's .She has a superb temperament and is keen to please and a joy to live with.

Fern 22 monthsFern's test results are listed below.

CEA/CH: Clear/Normal by parentage.

NCL: DNA tested Normal/Clear

TNS: DNA tested Normal/Clear

Hip Score 6 : 5

Narrow Angled Glaucome, Unaffected


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Fern winning " Best In Show " at Wessex Border Collie Club, Judge Nick Grosvenor

Fern 22 months


Fern placed 2nd in Yearling Bitch at Crufts 2007

Fern at Cruft's 20 months


On the move at Cruft's

Here is a video taken by Julia Alexanders husband at W.E.L.K.S

Fern 22 months

Fern 12 weeks
Fern at 4 Months


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