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3rd August 2015

Paignton Championship Show, Chloe wins Veteran Bitch th Bitch CC and Best Veteran under Steve Hall.

9th January 2015

A good start to the year, 1st Championship Show of the year an another CC for Faith now making a total of eight.

6th September.

Another good day for Faith winning the RCC under Val Foss at Richmond.

26th June 2014.

Another good day at Leeds, Faith 2nd Open Bitch and RCC.

14th June 2014

At Border Union Championship Show, Faith won the CC. BOB under Richard Kinsey and Group 3 under Bob Gregory.

6th June 2014

Faith, after a long break from the ring wins the CC and BOB and short listed in the group at Three Couties Championship show,

24th October 2013

Faith again wins Open Bitch and the CC at Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show giving her 5 CC's and 3 RCC's. So proud of her.

7th September 2013

Faith continues her winning ways by Winning Open Bitch and the RCC today at Richmond Championshio Show.

1st September 2013.

I thought it was about time I up-dated.

We have been having much success in the show ring. Faith gained her 3rd CC at Bournemouth making her up to SH CH Locheil By Invitation Only to Croxlea, she the went on to win the CC under Derek Smith at Birmingham yesterday.

Chloe (SH CH Locheil Moments like This For Croxlea) has been mated to Locheil Black Tie Affair, so looking forward to this litter.


South Wales Kennel Association

Faith 1st Limit Bitch, CC and Best Of Breed.


Chloe has been mated to Locheil Black Tie Affair 1 CC,, 1 RCC. puppies due 1st week of November, enquires welcome by email.


Windsor Championship Show,

Faith, 1st Yearling Bitch, CC.

Not updated for sometime but lastest result are.


Three Counties Championship Show.

Faith, 1st Yearling Bitch and considered for CC and RCC.

Chloe, 1st Open Bitch, CC her 3rd so now SH CH Locheil Moments Like This For Croxlea.


Southern Counties Canine Association.

Only took Chloe, 1st Open Bitch, RCC


1/ 08 2011

Paignton Championship Show.

Faith, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.

11/06 2011

3 Counties Championship Show.

Faith, 1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch.

Chloe, 3rd Limit Bitch.


Southern Counties Canine Association.

Faith, 1st Puppy Bitch, BPIB and the Res Bitch CC

Chloe, 1st Limit Bitch.

What a great day.


Bath Canine Society.

Faith, 1st Puppy Bitch, her first Puppy Bitch Class.

Chloe, 4th Limit Bitch.


Lola has been mated to Ollie, puppies due June 30th

Fleck has been mated to Cruise, Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil, puppies due 11th July 2011.

For more information, see their pages.


Updates on Faith's page.

05/05/2011 Birmingham National

Faith, 1st Minor Puppy Bitch.

01/05/2011, WELKS

Faith, 1st Minor Puppy, Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.

12/03/2011 Crufts

Very proud of Ollie, still a puppy he was 1st Under Graduate Dog at Crufts.


Hip results back for Lola, hip scored at the age of 5yrs 4 : 0, very pleased with this result.

11/12/2010. LKA

Only took Ollie & Chloe.

Ollie 5th in a big Minor Puppy Dog Class

Chloe 2nd Open Bitch.

21st November 2010.  West Of England Border Collie Club, Championship Show.

Chloe was 4th Limit Bitch

Fern 6th Open Bitch

Ollie, Was 1st Minor Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Show.

Bitch Judge Gillian Charlesworth, Dog Judge Albert Wight.

For updates. see Ollies Page.

14th August 2010, Bournemouth Canine Association. Chloe continued her winning ways and won Limit Bitch and the Bitch CC under well respected all rounder Jack Bispham.

10th August 2010, Pleased to say both Ollie & Sophie passed their Gonioscopy test today, unaffected for Narrow Angled Glaucoma.

7th August 2010, St Mellons Agricultural Show, Chloe won OB, BOB and Pastoral Group 1, another good day.

17th July 2010, National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society. Only took Chloe, 1st Limit Bitch, the biggest class of the day (24) Reserve Bitch CC. Chloe is having a fantastic year.

21st June 2010, Updates on Chloe, Ollie and Sphie's pages.

19th June 2010, Border Union, Only Chloe went. 3rd Limit Bitch

10th June 2010, Three Counties, Fleck 4th Junior Bitch, Chloe 1st Limit Bitch (Considered for RCC)

6th June 2010, Southern Counties Canine Association, Fleck 4th Junior Bitch, Chloe 2nd Limit Bitch

17th April 2010, Working & Pastoral Breeds Of Wales, Judge Jeff Horswell. What a great day. Fleck 4th Junior Bitch, Chloe, just out of Yearling gained 1st Limit Bitch, the biggest class of the day (17) and Won the Bitch CC.

Cruft's 2010, Fleck 2nd Junior Bitch, Chloe 4th Graduate Bitch.


24th January 2010. Fern Has been mated to the handsome Etherial Up In Lights (Oliver), see puppies page for updates.

26/6/2009, Updates on Fleck's page.

03/06/2009, More good news, Fleck, Lola and her daughter Mandy all tested unaffected for Narrow Angled Glaucoma

16/03/2009, Good News. Chloe & Fern both tested unaffected for Narrow Angled Glaucoma and Fern also passed her Adult test.

Due to time wasters, we now have 1 Black & White bitch puppy available..

Lola's puppies born, 3 dogs & 4 bitches all Black & White. New puppy page added.

Lola has been mated, puppies due 24th January 2009, for details see Lola's page.

22nd November 2008, Great news, West of England Border Collie Club Championship Show,

Chloe was placed 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch.

Fern was placed 2nd in Open Bitch and went on to win the RBCC and Reserve Best In Show a very exciting day.

2nd November 2008, Scottish Border Collie Club Championship Show, Chloe and Fern entered.

Chloe was placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch and 1st Novice Bitch.

Fern was placed 4th in Open Bitch.

New Photo added to Chloe's page.

19th October, What a Day!, At Cheltenham Canine Society Chloe won Puppy, Best Puppy, Best Of Breed,

Pastoral Group 2 and Pastoral Puppy Group 1. Certainly a day to remember.

12th October,

Chloe went to Wessex Border Collie Club and was placed 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch.

28 September, Update on Chloe's page.

22 September, New photos added to Chloe's page.

8th July. Lola mated to Tonkory Yves St Laurent, puppies due 26th August, details on Lola's page.

7th June New pages added for Lola & Chloe also a photo on Lochi's of his mother.

8th March. Cruft's.

Fern although dropping her coat was placed 4th in a large Limit Bitch Class, a good result.

Lochi was unplaced but moved beautifully around the big ring, I was very proud of him.

3rd February. Midland Border collie Club, Another good day, Lochi 5th Junior Dog & Fern 3 Limit Bitch


A great start to the New Year, 17th January Manchester, Fern 2nd Limit Bitch, Lochi stayed at home.


7th December. LKA

Lochi 4 Puppy Dog, Fern 1st Limit Bitch.

18th November. West Of England Border Collie Club

Lochi 5th Puppy Dog, Fern 3rd Limit Bitch

4th November. Scottish Border Collie Club

Lochi 5th Puppy dog, Fern 2nd Limit Bitch.

20th October,

Lochi 4th Puppy Dog at Midland Counties. Fern in Season so stayed at home.

4th September, New photos added to Lochi's page.

1st September, City Of Birmingham Championship Show.

Lochi 2nd Minor Puppy Dog

Fern stayed at home to grow a new coat.

18th August, Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

Lochi 2nd Minor Puppy Dog

Fern 5th Limit Bitch.

11th August. Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show.

Fern in her 1st Limit Bitch Class came 2nd gaining her Stud Book no.

Lochi came 4th in Minor Puppy Dog.

Lochi's page up-dated. Lochi placed 4th in Minor Puppy Dog at East Of England Championship Show  Judge Tracey Wilkinson (Altricia)

Fern, 2nd Yearling Bitch South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show


Locheil Really And Truely At Croxlea
Video clip of Fern at the W.E.L.K.S added


Fern, 1st Yearling Bitch Southern Counties Championship Show 3rd June 2007
Fern wins Best Bitch and Best In Show at the Wessex Border Collie Club 20th May 2007


Locheil Really And Truely At Croxlea
Fern was placed 2nd in Yearling Bitch at Cruft's 2007


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