California Trip

Trip to California New Year 2007

Trip Details

I visited Tim my son in California just after Christmas 2006, while there I met up with Joyce Herie, Doreen Kropf and Betsy Korbonski it was great to meet up with Border Collie breeders in another country and see their dogs.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, have a great meal right on the beach

A view towards Malibu with the Santa Monica mountains visable in the background

A Pelican was resting on the rocks under the cliff

Whale Watching

Channel Islands Map

We took a whale watching trip from Ventura harbour out to the Channel Islands

In December and January grey whales travel south to Mexico between the islands and the California coast

Ventura harbour was the departure point for our whale watching trip


While waiting for news of whale activity we took a look at the coastlines of Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands

Channel Islands

The sister ship to our boat had located two grey whales and both ships slowly followed the whales at a safe distance

This is one of the sightings we had.

A brief video of a grey whale blowing as it comes up for air.

Passing an oil rig on the way back to Ventura harbour


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